Question: Is hate too strong a word? Answer: No!

via Ben Smith at Politico

In tonight’s NBC News interview with Brian Williams, McCain explains that the “elites” are located in D.C. and New York City:

WILLIAMS: Who is a member of the elite?

PALIN: Oh, I guess just people who think that they’re better than anyone else. And– John McCain and I are so committed to serving every American. Hard-working, middle-class Americans who are so desiring of this economy getting put back on the right track. And winning these wars. And America’s starting to reach her potential. And that is opportunity and hope provided everyone equally. So anyone who thinks that they are– I guess– better than anyone else, that’s– that’s my definition of elitism.

WILLIAMS: So it’s not education? It’s not income-based? It’s–

PALIN: Anyone who thinks that they’re better than someone else.

WILLIAMS: –a state of mind? It’s not geography?

PALIN: ‘Course not.

WILLIAMS: Senator?

MCCAIN: I– I know where a lot of ’em live. (LAUGH)

WILLIAMS: Where’s that?

MCCAIN: Well, in our nation’s capital and New York City. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived there. I know the town. I know– I know what a lot of these elitists are. The ones that she never went to a cocktail party with in Georgetown. I’ll be very frank with you. Who think that they can dictate what they believe to America rather than let Americans decide for themselves.

UPDATE: Numerous readers in those cities note that they were the targets on 9/11.

I honestly hate these people now. Hate them.  Also, shouldn’t I feel sorry for people who are that fucking stupid?


Dear so and so

Dear John McCain and Sarah Palin,

Fuck you with your “real America” bullshit. Fuck you with your “culture wars” fucktardary. Fuck you with your attempts to divide the whole country so that you might win an election. Fuck you with your cries of socialism and terrorism. Fuck you because you guys totally suck ass.

That is all I have to say to you, but I think Barack Obama was talking to you idiots and your legion of drooling wingnuts today in Richmond, VA. I have provided it here for you just in case you missed it.

This just in: Worlds Most Powerful Democracy Taken Down by False Voter Registrations

It was reported today that the United States of America was brought to its knees by the mighty swords pens of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). ACORN is better known as the Soviet Islamofascist Terrorist Union (SIFTU which is pronounced shutthefuckup). SIFTU/ACORN is a neighborhood based organization which advocates for the poor, minorities and the disenfranchised. One of their efforts is to register voters. This is thought to have led to the complete destruction of Democracy in the United States of America. It is not fully known how this actually took place but it is clear that the United States is now a proto-Communist state. A spokesman for SIFTU/ACORN, who would only identify himself as Mickey Mouse, suggested that a functioning democracy could only have so many registered voters living below the poverty line before it imploded. “Our sophisticated computer models showed that we were just shy of the tipping point at which time a democracy would crumble” said Mickey Mouse. “By creating millions of false voter registrations and securing ridiculous home loans for billions of poor minorities, we were able to bring down the United States of America.”

The former United States of America will now be known as the Soviet Faggot Community Organizer Commie Land Brotherhood of Abortionist America Inc (SFCOCLBAAI pronounced sanfranciscococklabiashutthefuckup)

Scary old man McCain vs. Dramatic Gopher

John McCain vs. Random Animals

Round 1

Gonna have to give this one to the Gopher purely on style points. The old man is scary however.

Random Animals 1

John McCain 0

Dear so and so

Dear John McCain,

Good luck trying to put the genie back in the bottle you stupid asshole.


Iceberg Wedge

Would you kill it?

Time to play “Would You Kill It?”

Would you kill it?

Run, before Sarah kills you.
“Run, before Sarah kills you.”

Sarah Palin would, you pussy.

Would you kill it?

"Why are you going to kill me Sarah?"
“Why are you going to kill me Sarah?”

Oh he is cute but I still think Sarah would kill him.

Would you kill it?

"Look mom, is that Sarah Palin in that helicopter up there?"
“Look mom, is that Sarah Palin in that helicopter up there?”

Howl all you want little cub but Sarah is gonna kill you.

Would you kill it?

"It's getting hot up here Sarah."
“It’s getting hot up here Sarah.”

Sarah Palin wouldn’t even flinch momma’s boy.

Would you kill it?

"She kills us all the time."
“She kills our kind all the time.”

As you read this Sarah Palin is eating a moose she just killed.

Would you kill it?

"At least use a gun Sarah, if you are going to kill me."

"At least use a gun Sarah, if you are going to kill me."

All of Sarah Palin’s undergarments are made of seal fur, so yes she would kill it.

Thanks for playing another round of “Would you kill it?”

The counter culture campaign starts now

Because the McCain/Palin campaign has refused to run on the issues and instead has chosen to run a dirty “Rovian” campaign based on lies, I thought it might be wise to offer a counter campaign loosely based on Rovian technique. Let the “Culture Wars” begin.

Who would you rather have a beer with

This Boar:

Or this Bore:

The answer is of course neither (actually maybe the pig) because you would rather have a beer with this guy:

Why? Because Obama is fucking cool and John McCain is a fucking creepy old man and the pig would just steal your beer.

I am Iceberg Wedge and I approve this message.

(No animals were harmed in the making of this ad. However, Sarah Palin killed 28 moose, 17 Polar Bears, 46 baby seals, 1,267 caribou, a walrus and 3 pregnant wolves from a helicopter in the time it took you to read this ad.)