Mayor Jerry Sanders of San Diego, you are a hero. Thank you for going with your heart.

Update: Forgot to mention that I first saw this on Daily Kos.  Also the press conference happened in September of 2007.


Baracking out in PA!

Mrs. Wedge and I attended the rainiest and coldest Obama rally ever today at Widener University (go fighting Pride) in Chester, PA. We were soaking wet and cold and standing in mud and getting wetter and the wind was blowing. We had to wait in line forever and we both had bursting bladders and yet we were still a million times happier than every single McCain/Palin supporter that has ever existed. There were also 9,000 fellow wet and cold Obama supporters there as well. The fact that 9,000 people showed up in such awful weather says a lot. Meanwhile, due to the same weather, old man McCain canceled his rally in Quakertown, PA. This is probably because he would have gotten sick with pneumonia and no one would have showed up to see a crazy old coot talk about his scars anyway.

Here is some video from the rally.  This guy put up the whole speech on the YouTube.

The one thing I really took away from the rally: most everyone, despite the crap conditions, was happy and excited. This was the case as we walked block after block through the rain just to get in the endless line to get into the event. While in line strangers offered room under their umbrellas so we wouldn’t get even more wet. People were exchanging stories and names and emails. We heard stories about Republican family members who were voting for Obama. We were all telling our favorite Palin stories and laughing at the wingnuts. Meanwhile, we were freezing and the water was soaking through our shoes and I thought I was going to pee my pants. Then we get into the area where the rally is and we quickly realized that we weren’t going to be able to see or hear Obama hardly at all and then it started raining even harder and we lost our generous umbrella sharers in the crowd. And yet through it all most of the 9,000 people were still in good humor. Now contrast this with video footage of a McMoose rally or line to get into a rally and the difference is stark. Driving back to Brooklyn I thought about this contrast quite a bit. When me and Mrs. Wedge got home I read my buddy Kevin’s Blog (Rumproast) and he seemed to be channeling my thoughts.

……but the other prime reason McCain took a hard stumble is that he latched onto the dark underbelly of the Republican base after the convention like a dull-eyed barnacle, perhaps forever tarnishing his carefully-crafted maverick image. Adding Palin to the ticket would have been enough to adhere the knuckledraggers of the GOP to his campaign for the remainder of the election cycle, but McCain made the fatal mistake of letting sweet, sweet Sarah and her devoted flock of seething simpletons drive the message from the bottom (quite literally) up, gorging on their hateful gruel and belching it out in the direction of mystified independents and teetering Democrats who used to hold him in high esteem. A sneering crank whose rallies are filled with more blood-curdling boos than triumphant cheers; the stark contrast between the audio of McCain’s drool-encrusted, hectoring howler monkeys clogging the air of his half-filled halls with bilious bellows and the hopeful, we-can-do-this acclamation of Obama’s supporters is jarring, to say the least, especially when laid one-after-the-other on cable news. (Italics are mine)

Why is this? I mean really, why are the Republican’s so fucking angry? They act like Democrats have been ruining the country for the last decade instead of it being the other way around. Hell, if anyone should be fueled by rage and anger it should be us liberals who have had to endure 8 years of the worst presidency ever and even more years of a Republican Congress. But instead we are out there filled with joy and hope and pride for our party, for our candidate, for our country…all of our country.

We are truly on the cusp of something momentous and life changing. In Barack Obama we have found a “vessel” which we can pour our hopes and dreams into. While the other camp has conjured to provide us with an even worse nightmare than Bush et al has been. The choice is so obvious: tolerance vs. hate, unity vs. division, hope vs. fear.

Some photos from today:

Barack Obama Bug

Barack Obama Bug

Where is Obama

Where's Obama?

Mrs. Wedge after going to the port-o-potty

Mrs. Wedge after going to the port-o-potty

Iceberg Wedge

Iceberg Wedge-if you look close enough you can see my teeth chattering

its Obama

There he is!

Scary old man McCain vs. Dramatic Gopher

John McCain vs. Random Animals

Round 1

Gonna have to give this one to the Gopher purely on style points. The old man is scary however.

Random Animals 1

John McCain 0

This is awesome

Calculate your tax cut under Obama.

Pass this one on folks.

(hat tip to Happy Days at Daily Kos)

Congratulations Rachel Maddow

You did great tonight.  I still don’t understand how you restrain yourself from hitting Pat Buchanan.

"Watch my show...9pm weekdays on MSNBC"

"watch my show....9pm weekdays on MSNBC"

why don’t you go to church dirt cross boy

One thing which gets lost in this idiotic dirt cross story: John McCain isn’t a religious person. Never has been and still isn’t even after the supposed “dirt cross.” He only goes to church for political reasons. If that was such an inspirational moment John why the fuck don’t you go to church and worship that awesome god of yours? Or at least make little dirt crosses with random Christians you meet?