Dear so and so

Dear John McCain,

How the fuck could you have picked Sarah Palin as your VP? What if you dumb asses had won the election and then you died soon thereafter? A wingnut religious zealot retard as President?!!!!! Seriously John, that was one fucked up move. She didn’t even know that Africa was a continent……..a continent for fucks sake. Africa?!!!!!! What the fuck do they teach in the Wasilla school system? Sarah Palin is one child that was totally left behind.  John, don’t ever be that stupid again.

There is only one way to repair your image and that is to oppose the religious right extremists in your party while you are still in the Senate. Get that maverick back you idiot. Throw them all under the Straight Talk Express. And do it now.


Iceberg Wedge


Dear so and so

Dear Sarah Palin,

If this was your High School yearbook this is what I would write to you (not that your bitch ass self would have asked me to sign your Moosewood High yearbook anyway….but).

Sarah Palin-future cross eyed retard

Sarah Palin-Voted most likely to be "1st place loser" in a number of competitions. Known for her catch phrase: "In what respect Charlie?"

Dear Cross Eyed Moose Hunter,

Don’t ever change. You should totally run for President in 2012. That would be awesome hilarious.

Sign me the guy at the back of geography class that laughed at you all the time for being so fucking stoopit.


Iceberg Wedge

Dear so and so

Dear citizens of South Dakota,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Iceberg Wedge

By the way

Best. First. Family. Ever.



Wish I was there

Had an awesome night last night for obvious reasons and I will write about that soon. For now let’s just say that my neighborhood was one big party and I high-fived a lot of complete strangers when me and Mrs. Wedge went walking around after Obama spoke. Despite how awesome it was to be in Brooklyn part of me wished I was in Grant Park. That looked freaking cool. Here are a couple of vids that I saw today on the youtubes which made me smile.

P.S. The Wedge’s night involved three nearly naked young ladies (probably not what you are thinking right now).


Oh yeah, don’t forget to vote. Let’s end this nightmare.

“There’s nothing we can’t do”