Dear so and so

Dear Colin Powell,

No, I will never fully forgive you for aiding and abetting the rush to war in Iraq. We may never know what exactly happened behind closed doors or how much you may have fought against the war in Iraq but there is still blood on your hands. If I am honest with myself, I have to respect you for not selling out the Bush administration and for continuing to stand behind the decision to go in. But despite this I still wish you would just rip them a new asshole like I suspect only you could. But you are a good soldier and no one can hold that against you.

Now about yesterday when you formally endorsed Barack Obama on Meet the Press and also your post taping interview. Holy shit Colin Powell you hit that nail on the motherfucking head. You honestly brought tears to my eyes and when I saw the picture of Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan’s mother which you spoke of I have to admit to losing it a little completely. So, I want to thank you for endorsing Obama and for so eloquently stating your position yesterday. You were brilliant and you caused conservatives across the country to shit themselves. I was talking to my mother yesterday afternoon and she was telling me that she gets the occasional wingnut email from her brother and she had recently gotten one about Joe “not a licensed” Plumber. She was thinking she would send him back an email with your interviews from yesterday and say “you can have your Joe ‘not even a real’ Plumber endorsement and we’ll take General Colin Powell’s.”

I hope there is a place for you at the Obama table both in the next couple weeks and after we win this fucking thing. Thank you.


Iceberg Wedge

P.S. Why is your name pronounced like that? It always makes me think of poop when I hear someone pronounce your name. Why would your parents do that to you. It’s almost as bad as this kid I knew in grade school whose last name was Balls, first name Harry. I kid you not.


4 Responses

  1. I’ve often wondered why his 1st name is pronounced that way too. All the Colins I’ve known (maybe two or three) pronounced it “Call-un” instead of “colon.”

  2. Exactly Betty. Colon has to be anti-American.
    Congrats on your Rays by the way. Hope your boys kick Humboldts Phillys.

  3. I know this is the internet, but you shouldn’t kid. His name was Harry Boner, he had a sister named ——- (redacted by icebergwedge). However, there might have been a Harry Balls listed in the phone book.

  4. cl, I do not kid, even when on the “series of tubes.” I knew Harry Balls in Grade School. He was the older brother of Debbie who was in my class. I actually think Harry Boner and Harry Balls hung out together for a spell but I may just be making that up. I know I try to keep mine together at all times….my balls and boner that is.

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