Scary old man McCain vs. Dramatic Gopher

John McCain vs. Random Animals

Round 1

Gonna have to give this one to the Gopher purely on style points. The old man is scary however.

Random Animals 1

John McCain 0


4 Responses

  1. That’s pretty clever Ice, and yes, the gopher wins.

    Hmm, sorta like the Phillies, did you know that the Phillies just won the pennant?

  2. “did you know that the Phillies just won the pennant?”

    Really Humboldt? The Phillies? I had no idea.
    Congratulations you jerk.

  3. Well, this will warm your cold Met-loving heart Ice …

    This is off-topic but a nice antidote to the racist fucks depicted above. I also posted this in comments at tom Hilton’s joint as well as Betty’s (and soon Ice’s).

    We have the honor of sharing our paradise with a woman named Betty Chinn. Betty is a refugee from Mao’s China and has dedicated her life to helping the less-fortunate among us.

    Betty arises each morning, loads her truck with food and heads out in to the county to feed those who need a hot meal and friendly face. She’s been doing this 7 days a week for 20 years.

    A few years ago she spotted a homeless family camped under one of our local bridges on Thanksgiving. After making her rounds (she hits the local soup kitchen three times a day) she went home, cooked up an entire thanskgiving meal and returned to the family. She then proceeded to share her thanksgiving meal with them right there under the bridge.

    She served them dinner on her best china.

    Betty was honored today on the Oprah Winfrey show after being awarded Maria Shriver’s Minerva award for her work.

    I know it may not be important to y’uns, but Betty is another example of someone I wish I were more like.

    A good friend and former colleague of mine wrote a moving, warm wonderful piece about Betty in 2006 (Tom has it in email, I sent it to him last week) that’s well worth a read.

    Here’s to Betty and to all who make our world a better place.

    More here … opr…09_tows_winners

  4. I love that gopher

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