Would you kill it?

It’s time to play another round of “Would You Kill It?”

the pre-debate edition

Would you kill it?

Dont sHOOT us Sarah

"Don't sHOOT us Sarah"

Sarah could take all three out with one shot if she aimed just right. Which she would of course, you pansy. Speaking of pansies…

Would you kill it?

Im your distant relative Sarah

"I'm your distant relative Sarah, don't kill me."

First, Sarah would challenge the Chimp to a debate. After losing to the Chimp in the debate she would shoot him in the face.

Would you kill it?

Say my name Sarah. Say my name.

"Name just one of us Sarah. Just one."

“I don’t know what those are? I’m just going to have to burn them. To death.”

Would you kill it?

But first pull my finger Sarah

"But first pull my finger Sarah."

I guess most of us would. However, would you follow him and John McCain to the gates of hell to do it? Thought not you pussy. Sarah would even go through the gates to get him.

Would you kill it?

look at me I'm a Zygote

"She's got my vote."

Sarah Would NOT kill it even if the zygote was a result of incest or rape. Or even if the zygote was inside of Osama Bin Laden. “That’s not an “it” that’s a human life right there ya know.”

(Ladies and gentlemen a “Would you kill it?” first, Sarah Palin would not kill it. I repeat, would not kill it.)

Would you kill it?

I didnt like those 18 family members of my family anyway

"I didn't like any of my 18 family members who died in that Israeli rocket attack anyway."

“Sorry Mohammed Elathamna you and your family are a casualties of the Holy War War on Terror. Your arm, 7 year old cousin’s leg and 18 family members are collateral damage. However, it might come as some comfort to know that Joe Lieberman sends his regards….oh wait no he doesn’t.”

Would you kill it?


"Do they do this shit in Alaska too?"

Sarah Palin’s best buddy Thomas Muthee would and probably did.

Would you kill it?

im sleepy

"I'm sleepy"

“What? Are you crazy? That’s my running mate John McCain.”

Would you kill it?

Not to belabor the point Sarah but....

"Not to belabor the point Sarah but I could be your distant cousin."

After her debate defeat to the Chimp, Sarah isn’t going to take her chances with an Orangutan. She would go straight for her rifle.

That concludes this pre-debate edition of “Would you kill it?”

Thanks for playing another round of “Would you kill it?”

3 Responses

  1. Brilliant!

  2. Thanks Noah. I was just reading your blog right now. That is some funny fucking stuff you are writing over there. I need to update my blog roll and put you and a few others on there. See you over at the Rumproast.

  3. Hey, thanks for your compliment!

    I’ll add you as well!

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