This just in: Bitter Old Coot Afraid of Composed Black Man

Condescending Bitter Old Coot Afraid to Look Directly at Composed Presidential Black Man

Tries to Give History Lesson Due to Lack of Any Vision for the Future

Last night a bitter angry John McCain smirked condescendingly for ninety minutes while repeatedly quoting dead people.  Seemingly afraid of Barack Obama a very un-presidential McCain repeatedly returned to his bottomless reservoir of hate and bitterness.  This observer was heard to remark “I think he has diaper rash.”


8 Responses

  1. I think he’s intimidated by Obama. Being the composed Black man that he is, it must scare the bejeebus out of McCain. McCain probably still thinks that all Black men are robbers, and out to get his money. “Old coot” is right.

  2. You’d be scared too if you were an ancient old cracker who chose a half-wit as a running mate and were sinking in the polls like a lead balloon. God, I can hardly wait for Thursday. How far will Caribou Barbie stick her foot in her mouth? That is the question. Bring on Governor “airspace”.

  3. I love her new name — totally fitting! Governor Airspace! and that smirking business worked so well for W I guess McCain couldn’t resist stealing it.

  4. That’s hilarious. Thursday night will be a lot of fun to watch, provided they don’t find some way to weasel out of it.

  5. Donna, check out my “dear so and so” letter to Governor Airspace that I just posted a little bit ago.
    Morse, you should check it out as well because I have provided them with a way to weasel out of the debate. I hope they don’t read this blog.

  6. Umm, may I just add that the Philiers, yes, the Phillies ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE NL EAST!

    You knew that right? You knew it?

    Go Phightin’s!!

  7. HumboldtBlue, you know where to stuff your cheesesteak right? Stupid Mets, probably won’t even get the wild card spot.

  8. LOL, that’s exactly how I saw it too. Each syllable McCain uttered about (not to, of course) Obama was positively dripping with contempt. I also thought it blew up in the doddering old fart’s face because every time he claimed Obama didn’t understand something, Obama delivered a calm, unruffled, informed rebuttal that completely undermined McCain’s sneering claims about Obama’s ignorance.

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