Dear so and so

Dear Sarah Palin,

I know you are busy trying to memorize a bunch of “facts” for your big debate on Thursday (either that or you’re giving birth to another baby) but I wanted to tell you something which I think most people are starting to realize:

Airspace is what’s between your ears.

Never mind Putin’s head, you have an “airspace” problem all on your own.

Know what the difference is between you and a pitbull? The pitbull doesn’t wear lipstick and has a brain. You just wear lipstick.

My mom told me today that she thought she could beat you in a debate. I told her she could beat you in a debate with a lobe of her brain tied behind her back.

If a brain eating zombie was stranded on a desert island with you they would starve to death.

Anyway, I’ll let you get back to cramming stuff into your “airspace.” Good luck on Thursday, you’re going to need it.


Iceberg Wedge

P.S. You might want to think about “coming down” with laryngitis on Thursday. No one would ever suspect a thing.

P.S.S. I am so glad you finally left New York. Having you in my “airspace” was bumming me the fuck out.


3 Responses

  1. You may enjoy this clip from Alaska Ice. Nobody know losers like Mets fans and Alaskans …

    via GOS …

  2. OMG this is funny- I just found you on Betty Cracker’s blog. I will stay. You make me laugh in this idiot-infested election season.

  3. Thanks Fresca and welcome.

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