This just in: D.C. Clown Has Trouble Multitasking

This just in: John McClown, a Washington D.C. Insider of Twenty-Six Years Has Trouble Multitasking, Can Only Juggle One Ball At a Time

It is being reported this afternoon that a very old D.C. clown is now unable to juggle more than one ball at a time. It is also believed that he is fully incapable of making a single balloon animal as well. McClown, pictured in and out of make up below, would like to cancel or postpone all future appearances until he is done juggling the one ball.

One Ball McClown

"I can juggle this many"

Now in makeup

John McClown in makeup just before postponing an appearance

It is unclear what other tricks he is capable of or if he just intends on continually juggling the one ball over and over again.

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