Dear so and so

Dear everyone who is freaking out about Obama,

Settle the fuck down because you are scaring my mom. She is stuck in a red state and looks to the internets for solace and you are all making her nervous. Look at the photo of Obama below and watch the David Plouffe video and take a mother fucking deep breath. Then go out and volunteer for the Obama/Biden campaign or donate or drag people to the polls on November 4th. But for god’s sake settle the fuck down with all the doom and gloom you are totally bumming out my mom.


Iceberg Wedge

(hat tips to Rumproast and The Jed Report for the Plouffe video)

16 Responses

  1. But we’re all doooooooomed!

  2. “But we’re all doooooooomed!”
    Rickey, I would expect nothing less from a Mets fan. Looks like they might just shoot themselves in the foot again this year.

  3. Sorry Iceberg Mom.

    Wait, I aint a sky-is-falling chicken little.

    Oh, and fuck the fucking Mets. I bet Lady Rothschild De Robspierre von Sullentrop de Doofus face drinks metropolitans

  4. Mets schmetzs. My Tampa Bay Rays are going all the way this year — HOO-ah!

    PS: It’ll be okay Iceberg Mom.

  5. Rickey, you can ignore those two ne’er do wells HumboldtBlue and Betty. Here’s one for you:

    “Meet the Mets….”

  6. I love the quilt squares Ice.

  7. “I love the quilt squares Ice.”
    I can’t take credit or blame for them Humboldt. The quilt squares are a wordpress thing.
    BTW are you a cheese lover or maker? Or is HumboldtBlue alluding to something else?

  8. The name is just my county of residence and a nickname i had as a kid “Blue.”

    Although, for you, I will let you in on the secret about our world-renowned goat cheese.

    Check out Cypress Grove for their mind-blowing Chevre, as well as Humboldt Fog

    mmm … my mouth is watering.

  9. I’ve had them both in large quantities. Stick with mostly local cheeses at the restaurant these days so haven’t been eating much from California. Humboldt County is a pretty awesome place, sadly haven’t been out there for years. Would get down there occasionally when I lived in Seattle in the late 80’s. That was when I was young, had long hair and drove a vw camper van (not kidding).

  10. I love that Obama pic!

    And I’m predicting a Cubs/Rays World Series. (I know, out on a limb, right?) 😉

    Rays in seven. Go Rays!


  11. Humboldt County is a pretty awesome place,

    It still is. The lumber industry is gone, the fishing industry is dying a slow death thanks to Dick fucking Cheney diverting our water, but it’s still a pretty amazing place. It’s certainly the oddest place I have ever lived. I go from hard-boiled ranchers and dairymen in Fortuna to art-loving-chevre-eating-pot-smoking progressives in Arcata.

    We still get plenty of long-haired guys and gals coming through, some of them even drive VW buses. (as a kid that’s what mom and dad carted us around in. They weren;t hippies, just good Catholics who had too many kids.)

  12. Oh, and fuck the Mets, go Phightin’s!!!!

  13. And seeing as you like the cute photos Ice, you’re gonna adore this one ….

  14. Arcata huh? Still got a lot of the crazies walking around town? Didn’t they close down a hospital or something?
    “Phightin’s”? As in the Phillies? You kidding me?

    Goon- Been meaning to tell you that I love the Tardis avatar…you some sort of sci-fi geek?
    You and Betty can take your Devil Rays and….

    P.S. how the fuck did this turn into the baseball thread?

  15. “Phightin’s”? As in the Phillies? You kidding me?

    Hell no I aint kiddin’ ya. I’m a Philly boy, although I had Kevin, Steve and Poputonian goin’ when I called in to their blog radio show on Monday. Used my best Bowery accent to throw’em off.

  16. Goon- Been meaning to tell you that I love the Tardis avatar…you some sort of sci-fi geek?
    You and Betty can take your Devil Rays and….

    P.S. how the fuck did this turn into the baseball thread?

    LOL. Thanks. Yes, I am a sci-fi geek. Doctor Who is the best science fiction show on TV (as you can tell since I took the time to write out the code to put it in italics. I’m a nerd, I tell ya, a NERD.)

    As to the Rays, it’s their season. The Braves had a worst to first season in 1991, it’s the Rays turn in 2008. It’s going to be a good two months. We get a new president, and the Rays win the Series.

    People love baseball, my friend. Simple as that.

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