This just in: Sarah Palin being held in a mock POW camp

It is being reported today that Sarah Palin is being held in a mock POW camp so that she might gain the necessary experience to be vice president. The McCain campaign set up the very realistic camp as soon as they realized she had never been a POW. Apparently there was a mix up in the exhaustive token vetting process and it is thought that the campaign mistook PTA on Palin’s resume to mean POW. “Of the hundreds of potentially embarrassing and damaging things which have come up since she was named as John’s running mate, the lack of POW experience is the only one which we are concerned with” remarked Tucker Bounds, spokesman for the McCain/Palin campaign. “As we speak, she is undergoing the same torture… enhanced interrogation techniques which John McCain had to endure for five and a half years in Vietnam. The five and a half years which he never ever ever speaks about by the way.” “I just hope she still has two good arms when she comes out of there” Sarah’s husband Todd Palin remarked before licking little Trig’s hair back into place. John McCain was unavailable for comment due to the fact that it was his nap time.


6 Responses

  1. hilarious. enough said. You should email this and guest post somewhere — its that good.


  2. Thanks pacer521. Just trying to keep my sense of humor in these crazy times.

  3. Best thing I could’ve read to end a rather crappy day. Thanks for that. I think I’ll blogroll you.


  4. Thanks WonderGoon. Hope today isn’t quite so crappy for you.

  5. Too funny Ice! Now they can both use “I was a POW” as the ultimate comeback to everything. (And Sarey babe is going to need some splainin’ to do with everything else that is now coming out about her – POW defense as good as anythingQ). BTW Other Kevin fixed my link back on 1st Kevin’s site. Do check it out – I would love your feedback.

  6. Thanks for stopping by marin. I took a quick glance at your Kos post earlier and will hopefully have time to fully read it in the next couple of days. See you on the intertubes

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