Dear so and so

Dear John McCan’tpickavptosavehislife,

John, you have to stop this charade like right now. I mean it was funny at first with the no vetting and all that. Then watching all those surrogates and pundits pulling incredibly ridiculous story lines and talking points out of their asses…”she has a compelling life story” “she was a PTA mom” “she gave birth to a retard” “she has more executive experience than Barack Obama”. Jeez John, you have got to end this little game of yours. Everyone thinks this is who you picked as your actual running mate (How anyone could believe that I will never know. I mean you only met her once, she was barely vetted, she has next to no experience and she is a card carrying member of the Flat Earth Society. Some people are so easily fooled. But then again she was a beauty queen and we all know how you go for ladies in tiaras). Hell, I think Sarah even thinks she is going to be your VP pick. So come on John, the joke is really starting to wear thin and it is time to tell us who is really going to be your veep and stop playing these mind games with us. Is it going to be Lieberjowls? Who let the Mittens out? Good and Pawlenty? Oh wait, how about Mayor 9/11?


Iceberg Wedge

P.S. That Bristol sure is a slut isn’t she? Kinda makes you wish you were about a 107 years younger doesn’t it John?

P.P.S. Wait I get it now. You picked Sarah “car wash girl” Palin to get you through the Convention so their wouldn’t be a Christian Right Riot on the floor. But as soon as the convention is over you are going to drop her like a bad temper habit and then announce Lieberjowls as your vp. Very clever John, very clever.

P.P.P.S. Wait wait wait, as it turns out Sarah “thank god the age of consent is 16 in Alaska” Palin is really your choice for vp?!! John, get a hold of yourself. Are you trying to lose this election?

P.P.P.P.S.  One thing I have been wondering since you chose Miss Executive Experience is have you ever had executive experience?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.


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