Dear so and so

Dear Biden Family,

Thank you guys for last night.

Beau, what can I say? How you held it together during your introduction of your father I will never know. Myself, I was in tears just like Michelle Obama.

Jill, you seem like an awesome woman. For Hunter and Beau to call you mother says everything I need to know about you.

Mama Biden, thanks for telling Joey to “bloody their nose so you can walk down the street the next day” (video: mama starts about 5 minutes in). You are one classy lady.

Hunter, “Amy” and the rest of the clan, you all looked great on the stage at the end. I hope we see more of you when Joe is elected Vice President.

Joe, I now realize why Obama chose you as his running mate. Especially after the first three days of the Convention. I have seen some of the other possible Veep candidates and I am now convinced you are the best choice.

Joe, on a more personal note I want to thank you for something that you said on your tribute video. When you were talking about your children you said “I had four children, I lost one of them, but I have three lovely children….” Now most will ask what is the importance of that statement out of all the things you said in your speech and on the tribute video… Joe, you understand something that only a parent who has lost a child or a sibling who has lost a brother or sister can truly understand.

A few years ago I lost the oldest of my two brothers to cancer. On the day that he died my mom and I were sitting at the kitchen table by ourselves and she asked me this: “What will you say when someone asks you how many brothers you have? What should I say when someone asks how many sons I have?” We decided the answer should be “I have two brothers” “I have three sons.” The language of death is difficult. For in truth I had two brothers but now I only have one. My mother had three sons and now she only has two. I still stumble over this question and it pains me to use the past tense when I say I had two brothers. Just as it seems to pain you when you say you had four children. I don’t expect those who haven’t lost a child or sibling to understand that pain (may they never be forced to) but it is comfort to know that the future Vice President of the United States of America is a member of the “club.” A club which no one wants to be a member of.

So thank you Biden Family, you were great last night.


Iceberg Wedge


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